Click here - Contact details ProSign’s vision is to be a customer’s first choice within the area of project management & construction with a geographic scope covering all of Europe and with experienced personnel who actively provide, on a daily basis, added value for customers and for the company’s multinational business network.

ProSign’s visions aim towards a cleaner everyday life for future generations and during product development processes, our personnel are focused on green construction. In this manner, the company is assisting customers within Europe in becoming world leaders.

"ProSign® will walk with you on the path to a green future"

As an employer, and together with ProSign’s customers, an attractive workplace is created with a stimulating and exciting green future within the area of product development.

In order to meet customer demand, the company will operate within a streamlined organisation, with experienced personnel. As knowledge constitutes the core of ProSign’s operations, functional premises will be more important than a gold-rimmed exterior.

Business Concept

”ProSign shall be a cost efficient partner within product development for the fields of Project management & CAD constructions. With the correct level of competency for each assignment, our personnel develop a unique relationship with each individual customer.
The business concept is based on flexibility and sensitivity to the customer’s needs.”

ProSign AB – Leadership for our Time™